Tiger mk1 #204 £40

Tiger mk1 #223 £40

PaK 40 Anti Tank Gun £38

Over-strength Squad 2 £36 - sold

£??  (plus postage at cost)

To order units please email our standard email address alba_studio@outlook.com listing the units you wish to buy.

 If you do not see exactly what you want then we can almost certainly produce troops or vehicles to your specification.

single Panzer IV no Shurtzen £38

Later War Winter Armoured units

  Please note that the 4 squads at the bottom of     the page are 12 man strong to allow for some       flexibility in units.

Over-strength Squad 3 £36 - sold

3 tank Panzer IV Zug  £124

We  have put together a selection of German Armour and troops. These guys have been with us for ages but never seemed to get on the website. Because they are taking up space we have priced the troops keenly to clear space, I do not expect these to remain around for too long

Over-strength Squad 1 £36 - sold

Over-strength Squad 4 £36 - sold

Medium Mortar With Spotter & MMG team £30 - sold