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These only appeared late in the war and many were painted in a 3 colour camouglage but the 10 attached to the Second SS Panzer Division were only painted in RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb.

This is before the weathering (and adjusting the 6 on the side to align it to the rest of the number). After fixing the decal I will add a couple of thin coats of varnish to "flatten" the decals onto the body.

The Jagdpanther is progressing and the vehicle has been finished. I have a couple of figures hitching a lift. Don did the hard work of converting the figures, I only painted them. I am awaiting a roller to make a suitable road surface for the vehicle to be mounted on. I already have the plinth so the end is in sight for this build.

Perry Miniatures Sdkfz 250/1 & 250/3

Tom' vehicle painting page

 These are 2 tanks that were comissioned by my stepson. one is the Warlord Games resin cast of SS-Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittman and his Tiger 1 E and the other is one that was bought cheaply through eBay and then stripped using Brake Fluid to remove a previous paint job. 

Warlord Games SD KFZ 173 Jagdpanther

Michael Wittman meet Michael Wittman

Here is a quick snap of a couple of DAK halftracks I have just finished for a local player, they have been in my to-do box for ages so I'm glad to be getting then out and back to their owner. He will be painting the crewmen so this was a quick and easy task for me.

The swastika is a transfer which was stuck onto some thin metal to allow it to act more like a flag rather than paint.