SAGA Scottish Warband

And the completed squad of Fallschirmjager.  These guys were a joy to both assemble and paint. It could be addictive. Like most of our German Squads, we built and painted 12 of them for sale. That gives Bolt Action players the choice of adding 2 panzerfausts, then replacing them afterwards, with a couple of riflemen.   After the Plastic German Grenadier set, I was wavering on my opinion of plastic v metal, and now having painted these guys, I feel I can comfortably say, I have no preference.  I could bore you with all the details of how we did these guys but I will just sit back and look self indulgently at the picture instead.

As promised a small selection of the brand new plastic Fallschirmjager by Warlord. These guys are fantastic, and if things continue the way they are going, we may have to dedicate a page just for Fallschirmjager .

don's figure painting page.

Fallschirmjager Again.

fallschirmjager  completed

 Zeltbahn Squad

Jing, Crivens, help ma Boab..its Scots. So we don't just do WW2, here is a part of a SAGA warband I am nearly finished.  They are for a customer at our local (Aberdeen Wargames Club) club. I am particulary pleased with the end results on these, as I have used no metallic paints whatsoever.

 Sticking with a camo scheme, next up we are working on an entire squad (or two) in Zeltbahn. Sticking with the 12 man deal we offer, this is a little more challenging to make it seem like a variety of guys are there. Only two Zeltbahn clad Grenadiers on a sprue,  means only 10 in a box, luckily for us, we can all  buy additional sprues from the Warlord Bolt Action Armoury, a place we have visited many many times.   An excellent way of slowly expanding an army or for custom building.

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