British Commonwealth Far East Army

This army was made for use at a tournament so comes with a custom display tray and options to change out some elements to suit your needs.

It is based on 3 full squads of British Chindits but could readily be used as Australians. There are the usual teams of mortar, Medium Machine Gun, & PIAT.

In addition there are a Sniper and Artillery Spotter teams with a 6 pounder AT Gun.

To add punch to the force there are a Stuart and Matilda/Murray Frog tanks, both of which are more than capable of dealing with Japanese Armour and a Jeep with either a MMG or HMG depending on points.

There are 6 additional figures including a Light Mortar Team, these are to increase flexibility in choosing an army that suits you style of play.

Quite a lot of thought, work & care went into making this unique army. The vast majority of the troops are kitbashed from Warlord plastic British Infantry with replacement metal heads and elements from the US Marines and German Grenadier plastics, this includes weapons teams that are unlike any others.

This army is now "used" so we have subtracted the cost of the display tray so that you only pay for the figures & vehicles.

£350 (plus postage at cost)

As a footnote: I took this army to the Scottish Bolt Action Open Tournament 2017, wonderfully hosted by D.W.A.R.F. in Dunfermline.

The army took the Best Commonwealth Player award on the first day and the Players Award for the Best Painted Army on the second day.

Click here to download an example army list using these figures